Reasons to Read from T.R. Sebastien

Below is T.R. Sebastien's response to a question at Quora about teaching your child to read. I have very strong beliefs on why, but loved Tee's answer and wanted to share it on my blog. Tee blogs at Grow Brilliant so check it out! -------------------------------------------------------------- Reading is so important. Reading helps you become a better writer. It is one of those skills you learn in life that helps you succeed. Reading helps you learn more and expands your creativity. I taught my son to read when he was 3 years old and he loves it. It is a process that starts from the moment they are born but I hear many parents say that they don't have time during the day or don't know where

Five Easy Ways to Help Improve Your Child's Reading

This blog post is exclusively an article by Rebekah Kogelschatz. The source URL is included at the end of the article. An excellent article I could not have written better myself! --------------------------------------------- "Reading is the foundation of all learning." — Secretary of Education Margaret Spelling As a former teacher of children with learning difficulties, reading is always the priority of teaching. Without reading, a child will struggle in all subject areas. Children that learn to love the entertainment value of books will be more encouraged to read. For children that have began to read, but are struggling, there are some things parents can do to help. 1. Read aloud to your

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