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Why Teach Your Child to Read?

Why should you teach your child to read? Let me give you six reasons.


  1. Ensuring that your child reads well in school leads to early success in school. Success breeds more success and that leads to a wonderful school experience.

  2. Your child will be more self-confident. Imagine your child going to school as a kindergartner or first grader and already knowing how to read.

  3. Your child will learn so much through the world of reading. The earlier your child learns to read well, the sooner he or she can start learning more.

  4. Learning the phonograms helps children understand that words are made up of parts. Research shows this is one of the most important components of learning to read.

  5. You will know exactly how your child is learning to read and won’t have to worry if your child’s school is effectively teaching reading.

  6. The joy for you of being part of the learning to read experience. You will spend many hours with your child during this process. I’ve done it three times and it was awesome every time!

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