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Tutoring by Boline Educational Resources

Tutoring Summary


I taught first-grade in the past and have taught all three of my children to read so I have a lot of experience with teaching reading. 


I teach 70 phonograms and 108 sounds.  Children who know them all and can blend are able to read most words very successfully.  More details on the phonograms are included elsewhere in this site.


Children who understand that words are made up of letters and groups of letters, are much better readers than otherwise.


I love tutoring children and the opportunity to watch them improve their reading through hard work.  It is very rewarding.


If you are interested in tutoring services, please fill out the form on the front page or give me a call at

316-290-9495.  Tutoring sessions can take place at your home, the Derby Library or online.


The rewards of using the phonograms with your child will never be regretted!

Time to Get Started
Using the Phonograms


The basis of my reading tutoring are the 70 phonograms.  You can see a few of them to the left and all of them below. 


When I tutor your child, the focus will be on learning all 70 phonograms and the associated sounds.  The early lessons may be mostly review, but new sounds will be learned even while working with the alphabet letters only.


Once we start working on the multiple-letter phonograms, there will be much learning taking place, I guarantee it!


At the beginning of each lesson I will test over the phonograms we have worked with so far.  Any missed phonograms will noted and a practice file for WinFlash will be provided.  During the lesson, additional phonograms will be taught. 


Once all 70 phonograms are learned, students are deemed a Phonogram Master and earn a certificate. 

Imagine your child knowing all 108 sounds!!!!

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