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Tutoring Services Pitch!

As many of you may remember from past posts, I’m a big believer in parents teaching their children how to read. For so many reasons this gives children a head start in school. Huge advantage for them compared to other children.

Rarely have I had anyone attempt to teach their child to read, though. I get it, it is very intimidating. When we had Lauren, I was clueless about how to teach her to read, and I was a teacher. When I started teaching 1st grade all I did was follow the lesson plans in the manuals I was provided with no real knowledge of what I was doing.

Then I discovered the phonograms and my world changed. I’ve been trying to change worlds for others for many years by pushing a program where parents could use my experience to do the same thing.

But it is impossible to emulate actual experience teaching children to read.

Because of that, I’ve decided to start offering my services as a reading tutor. If you are interested in giving your child a HUGE advantage in school, we should talk. You can visit my web site at to fill out a form requesting a call, or you can call me at 316-290-9495.

You will never regret giving your child the huge advantage of reading well from the very start of school!


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